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Rifle Club
Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to promote and expand the college shooting program at Mepco Schlenk Engineering College. We aim to help establish various shooting sports as lifelong passions both recreationally and competitively. We seek to reach out to the entire student body and enable active participation for the largest possible number of students in a safe and informed setting. We strive to promote firearm responsibility and develop teams that will foster on-going relationships within the college community and beyond.


Any student of the Mepco Schlenk Engineering College may become a member of this club who’s application is approved by the President of the club after subscribing to the following pledge and upon payment of the usual initiation fee and membership dues. Members shall be permitted in the club only on the permission from the student’s parents/guardian. The students along with the parent/guardian should sign a joint declaration stating the conditions to join the club. Continuing membership in the Mepco Schlenk Engineering College Air Rifle Club is also contingent upon the member continuing membership as a Mepco Schlenk Engineering College Alumni. Additionally, as a condition of membership it shall be the responsibility of each member to provide voluntary service to the club by serving on committees and/or work details that are called for during the year.

Shooting Guidelines and Etiquettes
  1. Absolutely no inappropriate behaviour while on the firing line. Failure to understand and apply the following guidelines could result in injury or worse to yourself and/or others.
  2. All guns must have the action open and contain no pellet at any time, except while the shooter is on the firing line. A break-open gun’s action may be closed when it is in a gun rack, but still shall not contain pellets.
  3. Shooters shall place a pellet in their gun, only when ready and it is their turn to shoot.
  4. Wait until it’s your turn to shoot to load and mount your gun.
  5. ALWAYS walk behind anyone who is on the firing line and be COURTEOUS to others by avoiding any actions that may cause a distraction to those still shooting.

The Four Basic Rules of Firearm Safety

The 1st Law - The Gun Is Always Loaded!
The 2nd Law - Never Point The Gun At Something You Are Not Supposed To Shoot at!
The 3rd Law - Always Be Sure Of Your Target And What Is Behind It!
The 4th Law - Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Your Sights Are On The Target!

General Safety Rules
  1. The Range Safety Officer (RSO) is the ultimate authority on the shooting ranges.
  2. The RSO is authorized to correct immediately an infraction at the shooting range.
  3. Any decision or instruction given by the RSO will be followed immediately, without question and will not be debated with the RSO during shooting.
  4. When arriving at the range, first observe all safety devices, such as flags, cones or lights. Understand the range status and obey applicable range rules.
  5. When handling, loading or unloading a gun, keep the muzzle pointed down range.
  6. Treat every gun as if it is loaded.
  7. No guns are allowed anywhere in the college apart from the indoor shooting range.
  8. Don't touch the trigger until you have the gun pointed at a safe target and are ready to fire and sure of your back stop.
  9. Adequate eye and ear protection must be worn on all ranges.
  10. If a chambered pellet does not fire when you depress the trigger, keep the firearm pointed down range, take your finger off the trigger and call for assistance.
  11. No loaded guns are allowed in the Safe Areas. Safe Areas include any range/place during RANGE HOT conditions. Muzzle direction must remain down range. When range is brought to RANGE SAFE conditions there will be no further gun handling.
  12. Shoot only at targets directly in front of your position. Shooting at targets at an angle may result in pellets going outside the berms or create the chance for a ricochet, especially on steel targets. Both are serious safety problems.
  13. Under RANGE SAFE conditions there is no rifle handling. Cased firearms may be placed on benches but uncasing is considered gun handling which is not allowed under RANGE SAFE conditions.
  14. MSECRC safety rules may be modified for sanctioned events and safety training. These organized shoots must provide a Safety Officer and strictly follow the rules pertaining to that shoot and style of shooting.
  15. Before going down range, request a cease-fire and follow Range Commands. Unless it is an immediate safety concern, be considerate of other shooters and make your request when they have finished a string.
  16. MSECRC requires the use of Range Commands. They will be practiced by the RSO when assigned and also by Members in the absence of an RSO. Commands must be obeyed immediately.