+91-4562-235000 (30 lines) msec@mepcoeng.ac.in
+91-4562-235000 (30 lines) msec@mepcoeng.ac.in


Maths Club

Maths Club was inaugurated on 30.10.1996. The objective of the club is to promote more Mathematical Knowledge applicable to Engg. and Tech. and applied sciences among students. The mathematical magazine, Mathematics world, is also being published by the Mathematics Club. The Maths club memebers celebrated the year 2000 the world Mathematics year, by conducting an open house Puzzles exhibition, Puzzles 2000, a unique entertainment of this kind.
Our Maths club makes the students to enrich their math vocabulary and also makes them to gain insight into application of Mathematics in Engineering and applied sciences. The prime motive of our club is “Eliminating the fear of Mathematics and creating a passion for the subject”. Hope, we are achieving those things through Maths Club.