To cater the knowledge of Mathematics to Engineering, Technology and Management students and to bring out full-fledged competent Engineers and Managers by educating them to become excellent professional.

The unique feature of Department of Mathematics is Mathematics Lab.
  • Models existing in nature and also in different areas of Mathematics like Astronomy. Geometry, Graph theory and History of computing machines are displaced. Many thought provoking puzzles are also exhibited to help students to sharpen their analytical mind and also to understand the mathematical concepts involved in solving them. Currently, First year U.G. and P.G. students are utilizing the lab periodically to improve their ability in solving the brain teasing problems.
  • Compact discs, video cassettes and slides of important mathematical concepts also find a place in the lab.
  • A separate mathematics library is available in the Maths lab which contains 471 books.

Course Offered 

  • Ph.D/M.S degree in Mathematics.