The PEO of B.Tech. Information Technology programme are as follows.
After five years of graduation, our graduates will

  • Excel in career as an eminent IT-professional.
  • Engage in professional activities and commit to team work, accomplishing a common goal.
  • Continuously update themselves to adapt to an ever changing global technological environment.



The graduates of B.Tech IT will be able to

  • Apply knowledge of Mathematics, Science, Engineering fundamentals and core IT Skills   in various areas.
  • Study, analyze, identify and devise Engineering Problems.
  • Design and develop solutions to solve engineering problems as per social needs.
  • Interpret data, explore and validate conclusions for engineering solutions.
  • Use suitable IT techniques, skills and tools necessary for computing practices with an awareness of limitations.
  • Address societal, legal, cultural, health and safety issues applicable to IT practices.
  • Comprehend the impact of IT solutions for continuous development of society and environment.
  • Exhibit professional and ethical responsibilities needed for IT practices.
  • Contribute productively as a leader or as a member of a team.
  • Communicate effectively with their excellent listening, comprehending, speaking, writing and presenting skills.
  • Administer IT projects in various domains using software management principles.
  • Engage in lifelong self learning of IT technologies for continuous professional development.


  • Demonstrate good programming skills.
  • Excel in Net-Centric Programming Development.

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